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After seven months of cathodic protection design and examination, our company's cathodic protection design was finally approved by the owner and allowed to produce the cathodic protection equipment in May 2018. Recently, we have completed the phased production of the cathodic protection equipment, in accordance with the provisions of the contract, France BV company personnel were invited to our company for the on-site check of cathodic protection equipment.

Technical exchange meeting.png

Technical exchange meeting

Technical review meeting.png

Technical review meeting

Check results show that the cathodic protection equipment manufactured by our company fully meets the technical requirements of the project and achieves the corresponding technical parameters stipulated in the contract. Finally passed the check of BV successfully, the release permit of cathodic protection equipment was signed at the scene.

Delivery picture    release permit of BV1.jpgDelivery picture    release permit of BV.png

Delivery picture    release permit of BV

The completion of this work marks that the technology and products of "Yinghai corrosion protection" have reached the highest international standards. It has laid a solid foundation for our company to build a "well-known brand in China" to "international well-known brand", it has milestone significance and is worth to congratulate.