Does the chemical material of fluorocarbon aluminium sheet have harm to human body?


Now people pay attention to living environment is no longer a gorgeous, it is a good appearance is no match for the important environmental and safety, but generally or when decorate a lot of building materials are some chemical substances, such substances does harm to human body? I think it has a lot to do with the building materials that are used, and today we're going to talk about the chemistry of fluorocarbon aluminum veneers.

Now that occupy the home to decorate when cultured is decoration materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, but in fact now faces a lot of all is unsafe, synthetic chemicals are sending out all sorts of toxic substances, many furniture building materials containing formaldehyde is a very serious harm to human body chemicals, and its toxicity is very big, a lot of wood, paint, gel containing formaldehyde. Now, a new type of aluminum veneer material is the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer that we see now. Its safety performance is very high, because it is a non-toxic, harmless and relatively safe building material.