Application of new technology and new products of YHMOS line


  With the development of industry, pipeline transportation of seawater, sea fresh water, life sewage has been the trend of the times. The carbon steel pipeline can not be replaced today, the study of carbon steel pipeline cathodic protection technology is particularly important, For small diameter pipeline (DN800 or below DN600 carbon steel pipeline) due to the small diameter of the pipe, pipeline internal corrosion is restricted, inner wall anti-corrosion can only use lining plastic coated anti-corrosion technology and installation point auxiliary anode cathodic protection corrosion protection. But these methods exist many shortcomings, such as the lining rubber or plastic processing coating peeling, point anode protection potential uneven and installation quantity have impact on pipeline.
  YHMOS "linear" auxiliary anode impressed current protection technology products, is the latest patented technology products of the company for many years after the capture of a number of technical difficulties, patent number is   0664513.X 20102 ZL.
2.The principle of YHMOS "linear anode" impressed current cathodic protection technology
  System composition: auxiliary anode; mounting base; constant potential instrument; reference electrode; cathode line.
  Auxiliary anode: adopt φ 3 filamentous MMO mixed metal oxide anode, coating φ 6-8 with non-metal insulation casing, with a terminal column: one end for connecting with anode cable, the other end for fixing MMO mixed metal oxide auxiliary anode. The shape and installation of the product is shown in Figure 1, figure 2.
  In addition, metal frame structure of corrosion protection in a variety of water environment, due to its gentle and easy winding, the scope of protection can be everywhere, installation legend is shown in Figure 3.



3.Technical features and advantages
  The linear anode is longitudinally through the pipeline, and can be wound on the frame structure, and the protection potential is very uniform.
  Install advantage: the special YHMOS linear auxiliary anode installation equipment, at least through with two elbow pipe group, as shown in Figure 3, installation length is at least 30 meters, solved the pipeline inner wall corrosion problems of underground long span pipeline, complex pipeline environment, and reduced the pipe opening flange welding quantity,as shown in Figure 4, 5. The protection of the metal frame is fixed on the frame by winding way, and the two end of the linear anode is fixed with a special fixed joint, as shown in   figure 5.


4."linear anode" impressed current cathodic protection system product technical parameters and protection potential
(1) the normal working current of the anode in seawater is 3A, the maximum output current is 5 A.
(2) executive standard: ship with auxiliary anode technology conditions GB/T7388-1999, anode structure of water tightness test method, the inner wall of pipeline installation auxiliary anode, pressurized to 196kpa, maintain 15min, no leakage phenomenon.
(3) protection potential control: 0~0.25V (high purity zinc reference electrode).
5."line anode" cathodic protection technology application scope and field
YHMOS liner auxiliary anode can be widely used in coastal power plant, chemical plant and oil platforms and other small caliber seawater conveying piping, industrial sewage pipe wall and soaking in anti-corrosion of metal structure frame under the water environment.