The principle and characteristics of YH-RJC polarization pro


YH-RJC wiring diagram,the principle is:
A、Close switch K after put polarization test probe into soil media that same with buried ground pipeline, the steel plate at the bottom of probe connect with the buried pipeline through wire test pile and then for polarization, make the steel plate 9 and buried pipeline have the same polarization potential. At that moment, steel plate 9 is like simulated specimen, that solve the problems that pipe has no iron to measure.
B、The polarization potential of steel plate(which is also buried pipeline) can be easily detected by high resistant voltmeter with copper/sulfate copper or calomel or zinc reference electrode embedded in tube 1 through salt bridge hole 6. Due to the pipe wall is very thin of salt bridge 6, the semi-permeable micro-pore ceramic is close to steel plate, so the IR drop is minimal and can be negligible completely in engineering, the measured polarization potential is actual polarization potential. The distance(plastic pipe wall) between salt bridge hole 6 of YH-RJC polarization probe and steel plate 9 is very short,only a few millimeters. It is the lujin capillary in engineering actually, and can suppress IR drop effectively.
C、Cut off the connection switch K between steel plate and pipeline, this also cut off the input of polarization current, at this moment can easily to carry out power outage measurement in this device. Due to the KR2 can eliminate IR drop effectively, whether or not the power outage affected the measurement is not large. This function of YH-RJD mainly use to study.
YH-RJC polarization probe main characteristics
YH-RJC has the advantages of novel structure, good stability, strong reliability, long service life, easy to carry and application in engineering filed. Can choose polarization probe according to design requirement and need, commonly used are CSE and SCE and zinc reference type polarization test probe, can widely used in measurement of cathodic protection engineering reference potential.
YH-RJC polarization potential test probe divided into:
Portable polarization probe YHRJC(B), permanent buried ground polarization probe(D). The reference electrode is dominated by sulfate copper, according to the need can make zinc reference electrode and silver and silver chloride, calomel polarization probe.
The following picture is permanent buried ground polarization probe, YH-RJC(D)

1-1FF6120Ua03 (1).png

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