Look back to 2018 and look forward to 2019, then stay true t

In 2018, we never let down.
      Faced with changing situations and challenges, in the rapidly changing market,   in the condition of setbacks and hardships, ‘Yinghai’ staff are not afraid of difficulties, break through the wind and waves, create brilliance with their wisdom. We have made fruitful achievements and breakthroughs in company management, international cooperation, scientific and technological innovation (intellectual property right), brand building and standardized management. We have made a breakthrough in the development history of "Yinghai technology".
      In 2018, we are still gloss.
      IDifficult Domestic Market
     A Operation and maintenance of cathodic protection system in Baotou Ganghua Natural Gas Pipeline Project


B On-site Maintenance and Construction Project of Jimo Ganghua Project


IINew hope in the One Belt and One Road

A The company had undertaken the project of design and construction of cathodic protection equipment in Dubai Hassyan clean energy power plant, successfully completed three delivery tasks in the year, successfully passed on-site supervision and product performance acceptance of Bureau Veritas Quality Services Co., Ltd (BV company). The cathodic protection equipment manufactured by the company has fully meet the requirements of European and American standards and meet the requirements of international highest technical product.


B The company had undertaken power plants which are Initiative project ofOne Belt and One Road’ implemented by China and Vietnam, such as the supply of cathodic protection equipment for Vietnam Coastal Phase II 2 *660 MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project and material design and supply of cathodic protection for Vietnam Coastal Phase III 1*688MW Coal-fired Power Plant Extension Project, which is the largest installed power plant project invested by Chinese enterprises in Vietnam.


C The company won the favor and recognition of the world's top 500 companies, and signed the cathodic protection project of Hong Kong Xinwei sewage treatment project with Suez water engineering co., LTD. The company has also successfully signed the cathodic protection supply project for the sewage treatment project with the Canada Trojan Technologies Inc. It fully reflects the technical and product advantages of ‘Yinghai Technology’, and is a beneficial exploration for ‘Yinghai Technology’ to expand its business scope into the field of environmental protection and sewage treatment industry.


IIIScientific and technological innovation
      In 2018, the company obtained the intellectual property management system certification and four patents and technology authorization, which greatly improved the company's technology research and development management level and the core competitiveness of the brand, enhanced the value of the company itself, and increased the economic benefits of the company at the same time. It provided a powerful   qualification and enhanced the company brand image in the competition, and created favorable conditions for the future development of domestic and foreign markets .
     IVBrand building
     The company follows the spirit of the ‘ISO/TC289 conference’ held in Italy in June this year. Taking the opportunity of ‘China corrosion control brand cluster’ established by China industrial corrosion protection technology association, strengthening the construction of ‘quality, service, technological innovation, tangible assets and intangible assets’, to welcome the national economy from the stage of quality economy into the era of brand economy. It is planned to build a well-known brand of ‘Yinghai Technology’ in five years and respond to the national call.
     VCapital operation
      The company successfully listed in Qingdao blue ocean equity trading center, taking the first step of the capital operation. With the successful listing, the visibility and standard management level of the company will be further improved, the operation will be more standardized, the financial system will be more sound and transparent, the intrinsic value of enterprises will be further reflected, the company will have more space in the future capital market, and move towards a more specifically, higher, and further goals.
      In 2019, we are full of expectations.
      The success of the past gives us confidence. Expectations from all walks of life give us strength. The support of our customers gives us hope. Although it is more and more difficult to move forward, we still set everything to zero at the moment when the first ray of sunshine rises in 2019. ‘Yinghai people’ is full of confidence and will set sail again to embrace 2019.
      Finally, Qingdao Yinghai Corrosion and Fouling Control Technology co., ltd. would like to thanks again for your attention and support, and hope that you will continue to give us support and encouragement in the New Year!
     Sincerely wish new and old customers, all staff happy New Year. Family happiness. All the best.
Qingdao Yinghai Corrosion and Fouling Control Technology co., ltd.
General manager, Qiwei Pang