Cathodic protection anti-corrosion technology that you do no


Corrosive Factors
The material of seawater pipeline (circulating water pipeline, open water pipeline and oil cooler inlet and outlet pipeline) usually is Q235A or 10CrMoAl. The inside wall of pipe is exposed in the seawater, corroded by seawater. Meanwhile, for the equipment of high potential material in the system including condenser, water heat exchanger, oil cooler, secondary filter screen, ball collector-strainer and valve, the materials are nickel-chromium cast iron, 316L and 317LN stainless steel. The seawater pipe with quite low potential is connected with the equipment with high potential. The macro primary battery and pipeline in the system must suffer the serious galvanic corrosion. Usually, the pipe wall becomes thinner due to corrosion, even perforating and leaking.


○ pitting perforating of the open water pipe
○ pitting perforating of the connection between ball screen and pipe
○ pitting perforating of the connection between secondary filter screen and pipe
○ pitting perforating of the connection between valve and pipe
<Typical corrosive damage of equipment before cathodic protection>

Anti-corrosion Plan
○ Pipeline and equipment connected with the seawater: it applies the combined protection technology of the traditional sacrificial anode and anti-corrosion coating which cannot effectively solve the corrosion problem. By using “YHYX pipe impressed current cathodic protection system” developed by our company, it can effectively solve this bottleneck problem.
○ Pipeline and equipment outer wall under the atmospheric environment: it applies the anti-corrosion coating protection technology.
○ Pipeline and equipment outer wall in the soil environment: it takes the sacrificial anode and cathodic protection technology
Applicable Scope
○ Coastal Power Plant Seawater Pipeline
○ Petrochemical Seawater Pipeline
○ Ship Seawater Pipeline
Technological Characteristics
○ Mature and reliable technology with obvious protection effect; small investment yet strong economical efficiency
○ It applies the computer assistant software to make the design and calculation according tot he media, material and liquid parameter
○ It can effectively solve the problem of the corrosive perforating of connection in different materials
Composition of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
Auxiliary anode (MMO anode material and electrode of platinum and niobium anode material), reference electrode (silver/silver chloride and zinc & zinc alloys electrode), sacrificial anode, cable (cathodic & anodic cable as well as reference electrode cable) and power control device (controlled silicon rectifier and potentiostat)


○ Installation Instruction of Electrode (rodlike auxiliary anode and reference electrode)
○ Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System Power Control Device and FRP Coating Lining Construction

Product Performance
○ It applies the optimal product structure and high-quality electrode material
○ Various electrodes including rod-style, line-style and pipe-style can meet the pipeline of different aperture, the minimum pipe Φ89mm in diameter.
○ The electrode is solid and durable with long service life

Impressed current cathodic protection product researched and developed by Yinghai


<Perfect Condition of Equipment after YHYX Pipe Impressed Current Cathodic System Protection>

Typical Users
○ Tianjin Sdic Jinneng Electric Power Co., Ltd 2x1000MW Unit Open Water Pipe
○ Vietnam Campha Power Plant Phase II 1x300MW Coal-fired Power Plant
○ SDIC Beibuwan Electric Power Co., Ltd 1x300 MW Coal-fired Power Plant
○ Shandong Licun Thermoelectric Co., Ltd 1x16.5MW Coal-fired Power Plant
○ Shenzhen West Mawan Power Plant 300MW Coal-fired Power Plant
○ Extension Project of Hainan Yangpu Waste-heat Power Plant